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About us | Globally

About us

Our Philosophy

We enable you to overcome the challenges you can face when working with your colleagues, employees and partners from different cultures, however, this is not our primary goal.

The essence of our philosophy is to build on your curiosity and adaptability to help you see the root causes of cultural obstacles and focus on the strengths found in other cultures. In this way, you can appreciate the differences and benefit from the diversity

Business Focus

Our training programs are always the right mix of engaging activities, combined with up-to-date theories and concepts, backed up by solid research. Furthermore, we are very pragmatic when it comes to the implementation of these theories in real life situations. 

Our workshops include relevant business cases and useful practical tips from experienced business practitioners. We then build on this by assigning you with a seasoned mentor as a part of The GLOBALLY Mentorship Program

Our Expertise

Our founders possess a wealth of intercultural and business advisory expertise, having conducted hundreds of consulting and training projects across the globe. We have a great deal of experience in the design and delivery of learning solutions, which is supplemented by a rich academic knowledge, access to top quality research, as well as a global network of consultants and trainers. 

At the same time, we understand what it means to be results-driven and to deliver exceptional customer service. In short, we understand the corporate mindset of our clients


Intercultural Competence is...

Put simply, the capability to build relationships and work effectively across cultures

Intercultural Competence is important for those who...

  • Manage or work in a diverse multicultural team
  • Have a new foreign assignment
  • Oversee talent management in a multicultural context

The primary objective of intercultural learning is to help trainees to...

  • Understand other people’s behavior better
  • Adjust their own behavior accordingly

Genuine intercultural training is important because...

For any intercultural workshop to be effective it is crucial to focus on all three of the following components: 

  • the transfer of knowledge
  • the development of specific skills
  • the evolution of a trainee’s attitude and motivation

Only engaging and experienced trainers are capable of achieving this, which means a “does and don'ts” type of program can never work as an effective substitute

The Trainee benefits are...

  • Shortened adaptation period when beginning a new foreign assignment
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (personal and family)
  • Better individual and team performance
  • Better relationships with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders
  • Better understanding of the local market

The Company benefits are...

  • Reduced number of failed foreign assignments and premature returns
  • Resource savings including time and money
  • Positive and productive company culture
  • Higher retention rate (both for expats and local employees)
  • Better company image (for employees and other stakeholders)
  • Gaining market share due to a superior knowledge of the local market 


Understanding your needs

We perform a needs analysis prior to the commencement of our training programs and workshops. This includes questionnaires and self-assessment tools, as well as conducting interviews and focus groups, which allows us to identify your specific needs and tailor our solutions to them. 

To fully customize learning and make it as effective as possible, we also recommend running a cultural audit to produce the Company Intercultural Excellence Strategy. Following this, as part of executing the strategy, we design and deliver the most appropriate learning programs 

Well-designed programs and professional trainers

Our workshops are not about packing you full of information. Their principal goal is to put you through a process of self-reflection and make an impact on your motivation.

 This is why our priority is to provide you with professional trainers, coaches and facilitators who have the experience and cutting edge practices to engage an audience and reach every participant taking part

Practical knowledge

We know how important it is for you to see authentic business cases, especially when it comes to working in a new business environment, which is why we make sure that our workshops are as practical as they are engaging and eye-opening. In order to achieve this:

  • We assign a trainer with the relevant business experience
  • We add (when needed) a subject matter expert who is experienced and knowledgeable in the specific country or industry
  • We provide you with a trustworthy mentor who will share their expertise and provide advice on any relevant business topics as part of the post-training support


We believe that follow-up activities are crucial to a successful learning process, which is why we have developed the following solutions for you: 

  • Individual coaching: hands-on and fully customized to meet your needs
  • The GLOBALLY Business Community and Mentorship Program consisting of group coaching, facilitated meetings, events on business and cultural topics, as well as dedicated mentors. We provide you with the opportunity to socialize, expand your business network and build on your intercultural competence all in the same place
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