The GLOBALLY Business Community & Mentorship Program

We care about your success

This is why we go beyond advisory and learning solutions. We build a unique ecosystem to foster cross-cultural collaboration and help expat executives to settle in with ease and succeed in their new host culture 

How often during your new foreign assignments did you struggle to:

  • find a trustworthy advisor?
  • build a relevant professional network?
  • transform an informal chat or business discussion into a thoughtful mentoring relationships?

As a part of our package for foreign assignees we provide membership to The GLOBALLY Business Community & Mentorship Program - a platform which provides you with continuous development and intercultural learning

Your Benefits


  • Safe and comfortable environment to share issues and seek advice 
  • Opportunities for business networking
  • Platform for continuous intercultural learning and support 


  • Guest speakers
  • Business and cultural topics
  • Facilitated discussions 
  • Cultural and social events


  • Trustworthy mentor for new foreign assignees from day one
  • Group mentoring and post-training follow-ups
  • Expats recognize the opportunity for peer knowledge exchange as one of the best sources of information