Nowadays, the Intercultural topic is not only on the agenda of multinationals. In fact, we are seeing more and more companies with multiple stakeholders from across the globe, including employees, investors, shareholders, customers and suppliers. An organization's intercultural excellence has become essential to succeed in today’s complex corporate environment.

We help our clients to leverage diversity by:
- adapting HR and management practices to become culturally appropriate for a global audience
- enhancing the effectiveness of global teams
- supporting cross-border M&A deals



Building a culturally savvy organization

We offer a wide range of advisory services to strengthen an organization’s intercultural competence:

  • Designing global policies which are appropriate across borders
  • Supporting the implementation of global policies on a local level
  • Cultural audits
  • Providing external cultural mediators or training them internally 
  • Group facilitation services


Successful integration of organizational cultures

Finding a cultural fit is a major challenge for international M&A deals. We aim to make your deal a success by:

  • Providing critical information needed for the decision making process and resource planning 
  • Making the integration process smooth and effective 

The respective services include:

  • Cultural due diligence, identification of main cultural pitfalls and best practices
  • A Cultural Integration Strategy – design and execution support 
  • International negotiation support
  • Integration workshops aimed at building relationships and fostering effective collaboration
  • Intercultural excellence workshops aimed at building on specific cross-cultural competencies