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We assist leaders in developing their intercultural competence and help to build successful multicultural teams

About us

Our Philosophy

We enable you to overcome the challenges you can face when working with your colleagues, employees and partners from different cultures, however, this is not our primary goal.

The essence of our philosophy is to build on your curiosity and adaptability to help you see the root causes of cultural obstacles and focus on the strengths found in other cultures. In this way, you can appreciate the differences and benefit from the diversity

Business Focus

Our training programs are always the right mix of engaging activities, combined with up-to-date theories and concepts, backed up by solid research. Furthermore, we are very pragmatic when it comes to the implementation of these theories in real life situations. 

Our workshops include relevant business cases and useful practical tips from experienced business practitioners. We then build on this by assigning you with a seasoned mentor as a part of The GLOBALLY Mentorship Program

Our Expertise

Our founders possess a wealth of intercultural and business advisory expertise, having conducted hundreds of consulting and training projects across the globe. We have a great deal of experience in the design and delivery of learning solutions, which is supplemented by a rich academic knowledge, access to top quality research, as well as a global network of consultants and trainers. 

At the same time, we understand what it means to be results-driven and to deliver exceptional customer service. In short, we understand the corporate mindset of our clients


Intercultural Advisory
Nowadays, the Intercultural topic is not only on the agenda of multinationals. In fact, we are seeing more and more companies with multiple stakeholders from across the globe, including employees, investors, shareholders, customers and suppliers. An organization’s intercultural excellence has become essential to succeed in today’s complex corporate environment.

We help our clients to leverage diversity by:
– adapting HR and management practices to become culturally appropriate for a global audience
– enhancing the effectiveness of global teams
– supporting cross-border M&A deals

Intercultural Learning

Our learning solutions generally address two categories of audience:
– foreign assignees who have relocated to a new host country
– existing or newly-created multicultural teams (including team members and team leaders)
Intercultural competence is crucial for success in both.

Our workshops help you to become more productive in complex multicultural environments, build meaningful cross-cultural relationships and achieve successful cultural integration

The GLOBALLY Business Community

We care about your success, which is why we go beyond advisory and learning solutions. We build a unique ecosystem to foster cross-cultural collaboration and help expat executives to settle in with ease and succeed in their new host culture.

The GLOBALLY Business Community and Mentorship Program is a platform  which provides you with continuous development and intercultural learning


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