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Intercultural learning | Globally


Our learning solutions generally address two categories of audience:
– foreign assignees who have relocated to a new host country
– existing or newly-created multicultural teams (including team members and team leaders).
Intercultural competence is crucial for success in both.

Our workshops help you to become more productive in complex multicultural environments, build meaningful cross-cultural relationships and achieve successful cultural integration.
Examples of the topics covered are:

  • Cultural awareness and empathy: benchmarking yourself and decoding others
  • People management in a multicultural context: motivating, building trust, giving feedback, dealing with conflicts
  • Managing performance in a multicultural team: aligning objectives and scheduling, getting things done
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cross-cultural negotiation, etc.



Living and Working in Country X

  • Designed for new foreign assignees and their family members
  • Introduction into a new host culture and getting acquainted with the practicalities of daily life and business peculiarities
  • Developing self-awareness and strategies to integrate and adjust


Working effectively in a multicultural context

  • Aim to develop and deepen specific intercultural competencies: cultural awareness and empathy, leadership style adaptability, cross-cultural communication and negotiations, etc. 
  • May be tailored to the specific needs of top executives: influencing, high-level negotiations, dealing with local authorities, etc.
  • May reflect the context of a particular host country or focus on general intercultural skills


Teamwork in a multicultural context

  • Aim to design a collaborative strategy for high performance, as well as to get the most out of the cultural diversity within the team
  • May take place as a separate workshop or as a part of a company team building event
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